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How it works

Put simply, you choose a phone, hire it for 12 months, then snap it up for a fraction of its original value.
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Invite your employer

To invite your employer to join Phonescheme click on the link below.
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Is your employer signed up?

To take advantage of Phonescheme, your employer needs to be registered. If they're already signed up, they will have a unique link that will look like: Use this code to access the site and place your order. If your employer is not signed up yet, you can invite them to register here. It’s super simple, free, and both you and your employer will save!
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Pick your phone

Choose your shiny new mobile from a wide range of the latest phones, without the commitment, expense and inflexibility of a conventional mobile contract. Your employer pays for the phone and then recovers the cost from your gross (pre-tax) salary over a 12 months period.
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Choose your SIM deal

Phonescheme gives you the freedom to choose your own SIM deal. You can continue using your existing SIM card, or purchase a new one from any network provider. This means you get the best deal to suit you, and can upgrade to new models when it suits you, not just when your mobile contract expires.
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Save up to 42% on the latest phones!

Phonescheme enables you to enjoy one of the latest mobiles, tax-free. By giving up a small part of your gross (pre-tax) pay through salary sacrifice, you save up to 42% on Income Tax and National Insurance on your phone. Your employer will also save up to 13.8% in National Insurance contributions.
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Keep the phone or return it

At the end of the 12 months hire period, you can decide whether to keep or return the phone. Read more about the end of hire options here.